4 Fascinating Indie Games We Want To See More Of

We spent a lot of time at the Indie Megabooth at PAX East, getting the chance to sample some very intriguing games. There were 100 indie games at the Indie Megabooth this year and I got to play my fair share. Although I was able to speak to some developers and play a lot of games, there were some games that I either couldn’t play for long or there was no demo available altogether. Sad story I know but instead of sulking about it I decided to make a short list of some of the interesting titles that I want to see more of.



Spritsphere DX by Fabraz


To describe Spiritsphere DX simply as a Zelda/Windjammers mash-up would be misleading, but it’s a start. Developed by Eeendhoorn, Spiritsphere DX aims to break the mold by putting a chaotic spin on its magic themed gameplay. We got to play a 2v2 round of Spiritsphere DX and it gave us a more magical experience than anticipated. The objective here is to get the sphere into the opposing team’s goal, each goal granting you a point and the first team to reach game point wins.

The instructions sounded straightforward but we soon learned that the chaos lied in the gameplay itself. There are random item drops in the play area that you can use to get an advantage, like a shield that when placed down reflects the sphere. This could be used at a moments notice to strategically deflect the sphere and change its trajectory. We experienced a lot of chaos due to these random item drops during our 2v2 and even got into an intense back and forth that led to the match ending score. While being a ton of fun, the 2v2 isn’t the only mode Spiritsphere DX has to offer. It also has a hand2hand mode, boss mode, and even a single player story mode. Spiritsphere DX will be launching exclusively for the Nintendo Switch sometime in Spring 2018.


Boyfriend Dungeon by Kitfox Games


Have you ever dreamt of taking your weapon of choice out on a romantic evening, complementing it’s every feature and flirting the night away in hopes that it will make it stronger? Yes, you have? Well, I’ve got amazing news for you, Boyfriend Dungeon lets you do that and a lot more. I’m hyper-aware of the fact that Boyfriend Dungeon sounds a tad-bit strange but it actually looks like a lot of fun. I initially thought it to be another dating sim — not saying that would be a bad thing — but Boyfriend Dungeon manages to create something new.

It blends hack-and-slash dungeon crawler and dating sim gameplay by constructing a premise quirkier than its name. In Boyfriend Dungeon, you’re hired to clear “The Dunj” of all its creatures. As you explore this dungeon and find weapons, you soon realize that your weapons transform into cuties(hence the name boyfriend dungeon). You’ll realize that in order to strengthen your weapons, you need to take them out on dates, instilling a romantic bond that in turn levels up your weapons. This mechanic is weird and I love it. Although there was no playable demo for us, the premise was enough to peak my interest. Boyfriend Dungeon is set for a 2019 release with PC being the only noted platform so far.


Door Kickers: Action Squad by Killhouse Games


The Door Kickers: Action Squad booth was jam-packed throughout the weekend and I couldn’t help but stop and stare at it every time I passed by. It’s the type of game that demands your attention and in return, it delivers a visual onslaught of destruction and mayhem. Door Kickers may look similar to other side-scrolling shooters like Broforce for example, but its tactical gameplay fully separates it from the pack.

Its tactical gameplay comes in many forms starting with the ability to choose squad members from different classes, each class allowing for a different advantage in combat. The breacher, for example, carries a shotgun that can blast through doors and is better equipped for close quarters combat. Although you’re allowed free reign in terms of how to approach each level, Door kickers is still a tactical game that rewards players for laying out a strategy that ends with all hostages being rescued. Also kicking down doors and shooting the bad guy before he can kill the hostage feels so empowering and it doesn’t get old. Door Kickers: Action Squad is available through early access on steam now, with PS4, Xbox One and Switch ports noted in future releases.


Super Sportmatchen by Dangen Entertainment


If you’re looking for a unique spin on party games then I think Super Sportmatchen is for you. First of all, the title is so freaking catchy and it’s reminiscent of names that would’ve been used for old NES/Famicom games. But the allure here isn’t just its name, its definitely in its gameplay. Super Sportmatchen takes some notable sports and turns them into silly but enjoyable party games that range from chill to complete pandemonium.

The beauty here is that you don’t necessarily have to enjoy any one particular sport in order to have fun. It naturally breeds a sense of competitiveness without the need to have players understand anything past their immediate objectives. Super Sportmatchen was enjoyable even while playing with complete strangers. We laughed it up and trashed talked without it getting too serious thanks to the light-hearted and comical gameplay. Although we don’t have an official release date yet, Super Sportmatchen will be released on PC and Switch.

Make sure to check back with us as we will have more previews, reviews and updates on the games mentioned here and other titles we played at PAX East 2018.