Developer Airship Syndicate Promises Quick Response To Battle Chasers: Nightwar’s PS4 Issues

** An update has gone live that addresses the issues noted in this article. You can view all updated items in the latest patch update article **


THQnordiqs latest title, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, released last Tuesday across multiple platforms. Nightwar has since received some pretty decent reviews, drawing comparisons to some of the legendary JRPG’s of the PS1/PS2 era and a very true to form comic book aesthetic. Albeit the praise in gameplay and art style, players of the PS4 version of Nightwar found a rather alarming bug that was almost game-breaking.

As of this posting, only PS4 players are affected by the bug that forces the game to crash and, in some cases, causes your autosave to corrupt your save file. Airship Syndicate, the developers of Battle Chasers: Nightwar, were quick to respond to the issue, opening a thread on their support forum a few days ago noting issues they’re aware of and asking for direct feedback from users.

The good news comes in how quickly and diligently the development team has tackled this issue with President and Game Director of Airship Syndicate, Ryan Steffanelli, stating that “We now think the cause [of the game crashes] has been found” in this thread earlier this morning.


Airship Syndicate went on to offer workarounds for PS4 players in the form of manually backing up save data to a USB storage device and force closing Battle Chasers after a pink screen or missing video incident. Airship reiterated their remorsefulness many times, acknowledging that although these measures are inconvenient, this will help prevent damage to your save file and allow you to continue playing the game without losing your progress.

Ryan Steffanelli went on to note the nexts steps in terms of getting the patch to all PS4 players as quickly as possible, expressing how Airship will try to be as transparent as they can.


How quickly things will get patched up is left to many factors but it seems that Airship Syndicate is aiming for sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you all posted on this story as more details come forth. For those of you who want to report any technical issues on the PS4 visit Airship Syndicates thread here. You can report any issues pertaining to this crash or any other issues you may have.