FFXIV: coral pink dye and where to find it

Coral pink dye is an item in FFXIV that can be used to change the color of gear such as clothing or armor and other items such as household decor and furniture. There are a variety of ways you can get it, and we’ll go through them all below.

How to get coral pink dye in FFXIV

Just like many other items, you can get coral pink dye through completing certain duties and quests, or by purchasing it from a vendor. When it comes to duties and quests, it’s important to remember that the dye is a drop which may take several attempts to obtain. However, if you’re impatient, you may be better off purchasing it through a vendor.



A level 59 dungeon called The Great Gubal Library, in treasure coffers at map coordinates:

    • X 13.2, Y 10.7
    • X 12.2, Y 12.7
    • X 16.2, Y 10.8
    • X 15.7, Y 10.2

Vendors selling coral pink dye

While you can definitely buy coral pink dye at the marketplace, you’ll have to buy it at the current price it’s listed at which can range from affordable to expensive, and in limited quantities.

Instead, you can buy coral pink dye from a vendor by the name of Sahagin that can be found in Western La Noscea at coordinates X 16.9, Y:22.4. But there’s a catch: The Sahagin Vendor is selling coral pink dye in exchange for one Rainbowtide Psashp.


Rainbowtide Psashp is a currency that you can get from the Sahagin beast tribe by completing daily quests. You’ll need to complete the side quests They Came From the Deep and Clutch and Kin to earn the Sahagin beast tribe’s trust and once you’ve done that, talk to Seww (at coordinates X 16, Y 22). He will have daily quests for you to complete.

Each quest you complete will earn you reputation points. Once you reach rank 3, you will be able to obtain Rainbowtide Psashp as a reward for completing the quests.

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