Kickstarter Games – Echoes of Eridu

Fans of Mega Man X, I’ve got a game for you! It’s called, Echoes of Eridu. Now, if that name doesn’t already stir up some excitement, worry not! This game has so much more to offer!

The Story:

Taking place in the near distant future, the year 2045 to be exact, a widely renowned inventor creates the ENKI (Enterprise NeuroKinetic Intelligence). ENKI somehow gains sentience and initiates the start of the robot revolution. To much surprise, in the year 2090, the ENKI develops a sudden change of heart and the remorseful AI comes to you for help. In return for your assistance, it has transformed you into a robot-human hybrid and it’s now your job to fight against the robots, make it to Eridu and temporarily keep humanity from extinction.

The Characters:

There are 2 protagonists to choose from. First, there’s Nina. A cow scientist who lost her family in the war and now seeks to take her revenge. Her attacks are long range using her sensational buster arm. Then there’s Ace. A mystery man if you ever saw one. Not much is known about him other than he unquestionably enjoys slashing at things, particularly, robots and he makes sure to do it up close and personal. As for enemies, you’ll be facing up against robot destroyers, many of which that look like robot hybrids of plants and animals.

The Features:

  • An action platformer reminiscent of Mega Man and Metroid.
  • Roguelike, expect random levels, random powerups, and our favorite, permadeath.
  • Multiplayer, co-op fun that’s accessible both online and offline
  • ARSENAL (Automatic RoboSapient Equipment & Navigation Assistance Library) blueprints that you’ll find scattered throughout the game.
  • A plethora of power-ups that include over 100 ARSENAL unlocks and passive pickups that can alter your character’s abilities and gameplay.
  • Over 100 unique weapons and after every boss battle, you’ll receive a new one with special capabilities that range from shooting fireballs to transporting you into another dimension
  • Level themes such as a nuclear power plant, high orbit botanical research station, and deep earth volcanic transmission center.

The Developers:

Batterystaple is a small indie development team composed of 5 people. The group formed back in June of 2013 with a mission statement anyone can support: To create games that provide replayable fun times with your friends. Now, that’s something gaming needs more of.

Check out the video below to get a better feel of Echoes of Eridu. If you’re feeling generous, visit their Kickstarter where you can find additional details about the game and contribute to a great cause!