Kickstarter Games – Hover: Revolt of Gamers

If you enjoy 3D open worlds where you can parkour navigate through futuristic settings then checking out this game is a must. Hover: Revolt of Gamers is described as similar to Mirror’s Edge & Jet Set Radio in regards to gameplay and the environment is heavily inspired by movies such as Star Wars and the Fifth Element.

The Story:

There’s a new mayor in town and he’s hell bent on taking away all of our beloved forms of entertainment especially anything to do with video games. The city is now caked with anti-video game propaganda and laced with security drones who are programmed to confiscate any and all video game systems. It’s up to you to and your recruits to start the revolt and overthrow the mayor!

The Characters:

A gnarly band of fellow homo-sapiens & extra-terrestrials decked out in cyberpunk gear that is ready to scour the extensive metropolis and return the city to its natural order. There’s a rival group called “The Breakers” who are exercising some more radical measures in the fight for the city, who also come into play.

The Features:

  • Numerous playable characters to recruit with skill grids that unlock different abilities.
  • Complex movements that you can create combos with by sliding, bouncing and pushing off objects at high speeds.
  • Generate income and buy some sweet new equipment.
  • Online multiplayer and co-op to play with (or even against) your friends online.
  • A non-linear storyline that doesn’t push you to complete all the missions if you don’t want to.
  • Developed to be playable on the Oculus Rift!

The Developers:

A young and independent French trio that goes by the name of Fusty Games. They’re also responsible for The Secret of Space Octopuses which released in late 2013. They then went on to join forces with Midgar Studio. Fun Fact: This project is co-composed by Hideki Naganuma, the composer for Jet Set Radio and other various Sega games.

“One of the main goals of Fusty Game is to provide the player with new sensations as well as innovative ways of interacting with the virtual environment and other players. We have the conviction that video games are only at their debut and that many unexplored ways of having fun and being immersed still exist.”

Check out the video below for a more in-depth peek inside Hover: Revolt of Gamers. While you’re at it, visit their Kickstarter and help bring this incredible project to fruition and earn some exclusive video game content by doing so!