Nintendo’s Latest Mobile Direct Showcases Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

In the latest Mobile Direct from Nintendo, we were given a 15-minute preview of an upcoming mobile game titled Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It has all the features that come with a traditional AC title but this time, you’ll be taking residence on a campsite and assuming the role of campgrounds manager.

Much like previous Animal Crossing installments, Pocket Camp focuses on building relationships with neighbors, collecting items, and completing tasks that make life on the campgrounds a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

The goal is to have the sweetest campsite this side of the woods and you’ll be able to achieve this through completing requests. Paying a visit to fellow campers will typically result in a request and this is usually something as simple as retrieving an item or doing a simple favor. Each request you complete will end with a reward and an increase to your Friendship Level.
animal-crossing-pocket-camp-mobile-game-1Rewards usually come in the form of Bells and materials that you can use to place a craft order for some new furniture or amenities. But if you’re looking to take the fast and easy route, Leaf Tickets can be used to supplement any shortage of materials you might need. These can be earned through gameplay or in-app purchases.

Similar to Nintendo’s Mii Mobile App, AC:PC will give players the opportunity to customise their character, pay a visit to a friend’s campsite, and participate in seasonal events that come with exclusive outfits, furniture, and more.

There is no release date though it is scheduled for some time in November. You can find out more on the official Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp website and by watching the Nintendo Direct livestream below.