Save as Much as 75% Off on JRPGs in PSN Golden Week Sale

PlayStation is currently having a huge clearance on Japanese games this week during their PSN Golden Week sale. JRPGs series such as Final Fantasy, Suikoden, and Kingdom Hearts can be found for 40% – 60% off and top notch games like Disgaea 5, Ni no Kuni 2, and Dragon Quest Heroes 2 are also available at discounted prices. The sale isn’t limited to just the PS4. Games for the last gen’s PS3 and PlayStation’s portable devices — the PSP and PS Vita — can also be found at a great price.


It’s an opportune time to jump on these games. Not only do most JRPGs hold their value and maintain their appeal for years to come but physical copies of these games are also pretty difficult to nab at an affordable price. With many popular JPRG ports making it on to the Nintendo Switch at such high prices, you can likely save a good amount of money by just purchasing them for one your favorite PlayStation systems.

Here are some of the biggest savings you’ll find on JRPGs in the PSN Golden Week sale:

70% Off

60% Off

40% Off