SFV Season 2 Character Zeku Revealed

During the South East Asia Major, Capcom revealed the new character for season 2 of SFV that will launch on October 24th. The character is none other than the ever-changing ninja, Zeku, also known as the former sensei of the current Bunshinryu grandmaster, Guy. Zeku made his first — non-playable — appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as part of Guys ending scene. The reveal of Zeku continues to fulfill Capcom’s promise of bringing never before playable characters to the SFV season 2 roster.

Zeku looks old but don’t let this gentleman ninja’s looks fool you. Zeku is able to transform into his younger self mid-battle, offering some full-screen combos and a very flashy critical art. His two forms aren’t only for aesthetics, they offer individual tactical advantages as well.

While in Fukoro (Older form) Zeku sports a slower, more defensive approach with his Bushin gram kicks. Alternatively while in Tenpo Kari (Younger form) Zeku offers a little more agility and seemingly offer more consistent damage. You can flip between forms through button commands but you may also transform with a v-skill combo as well.


Of course, it wouldn’t be an SFV character reveal without a little bit of mystery and Zeku has the SF community playing detective after seeing his Tenpo Kari — young form — costume during the character reveal trailer. The mystery in his young form costume is its striking resemblance to another famous Capcom ninja, Strider Hyru. As of this moment, we don’t know what the relationship is between Strider and Zeku. Is Zeku a Strider agent? Did he also train Strider Hyru? One thing is for sure, Capcoms SFV season 2 character reveal created some very interesting questions. Until then check back for more updates on Zeku and SFV: Arcade Edition that will be coming January of next year.

Let us know what you think of SFV’s final season 2 character Zeku and let us know what you think his connection is to Strider Hyru.