Super Mario Odyssey Outfits Inspired By Previous Games

Mario’s impeccable fashion sense in Super Mario Odyssey has caught the eyes of Nintendo fans everywhere, especially those who have noticed something strangely familiar about some of the outfits seen in the game’s trailers. In the past, we’ve seen that when Mario takes on a role, he dresses to the occasion! And this time, he’s not only showing off his impressive skillset but also paying homage to one heck of an epic style evolution.

Warning: Do not continue if you do not wish to see spoilers of Mario’s outfits.

Builder Outfit from Super Mario Maker

super-mario-maker-super-mario-odysseyIf you’re familiar with the Wii U/Nintendo 3DS title Super Mario Maker then you should immediately recognize Mario’s pair of iconic red overalls, yellow long-sleeve shirt, and hard hat as he platforms through New Donk City.

Sombrero & Poncho from Qix

qix-super-mario-odysseyThe infamous outfit that stirred up a heck of a lot of controversy happens to have its roots in a Gameboy port of Qix which features a variety of Super Mario characters—Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad, to be exact—in various countries around the world.

Chef Outfit from Yoshi’s Cookie

yoshis-cookie-super-mario-odysseyWho knew that Mario could throw it down in the kitchen? Well, back in the day he was quite the baker in a little game called Yoshi’s Cookie. Originally released in ’92 for the NES and Gameboy, Yoshi’s Cookie is a tile-matching game similar to that of Bejeweled.

Safari Outfit from Mario Picross

marios-picross-super-mario-odysseyOnce upon a time, Mario was a talented archeologist who was known to uncover some of the most intriguing (and suspicious looking) fossils in a series that debuted on the Gameboy in ’95 called Mario’s Picross. In this puzzler, Mario would chisel away at a grid to reveal images.

Painter Outfit From Mario Paint

mario-paint-super-mario-odysseyNow, he’s definitely no Bob Ross but our little Italian renaissance man can paint a thing or two. You can find him donning his white paint-splattered apron with his hat turned to the side on the packaging of Mario Paint for the Super Famicon, released in ’92.

Patriotic Outfit from NES Open Tournament Golf

nes-open-tournament-golf-super-mario-odysseyThis outfit might seem a bit out of place in Super Mario Odyssey if you aren’t familiar with its origins. Before there was Mario Golf there was (get ready because it’s a long one) NES Open Tournament Golf.  Released in 91 for the NES, this game featured Mario and Luigi as player one and two, along with their two pals Peach and Daisy. You can also find DK working in the game as an accountant.

Doctor Outfit from Dr. Mario

dr-mario-super-mario-odysseyLast but surely not least, and quite possibly the most obvious of them all is the doctor outfit from the pill-matching puzzle game Dr. Mario. This guy has a Ph.D. in prescribing meds and fighting virus’ that stems all the way back to the year 1990, more notably, the golden days of the NES and Gameboy.

Question Raising Outfits

super-mario-odyssey-outfits-feature-imgThere are two outfits in Super Mario Odyssey that have caused quite a bit of speculation. The first is the Caveman outfit which some fans believe could be a point to an old bootleg game called 7 Grand Dad where the main character resembles an uncanny mix of Fred Flintstone and Mario.super-mario-huddle-super-mario-odysseyThe second outfit is a Football uniform. Now, we all know that Mario has yet to star in a game that centers around American football and it’s because of this that fans initially believed that this outfit could be a nod to the infamous Koopa you’ll probably recognize from Super Mario World called Chargin’ Chuck. But upon further investigation, old fan-made images from a Nintendo subreddit resurfaced of a game called Super Mario Huddle and the similarities are just way too close to ignore.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Honestly, I’m still mulling over the internet completely losing it over Mario’s nipples and his dance moves in the latest trailer. I’m sure more outfits will be revealed the closer we get to the release of Super Mario Odyssey. Until then, we can only hope that some of our questions about Mario’s sweet duds and their origins get answered.